We're a family company currently operating out of our small workshop just outside Bristol.

With a foundation in carpentry & joinery and a passion for the Volkswagen Transporters that facilitate our lifestyle we set out to utilise them further. Simply put we wanted easier access to anything we filled the van with whilst having somewhere to sleep and/or store large items. 

We've spent 2 years refining and testing our products. They've been overloaded and abused on a daily basis to the point we're confident we've satisfied our goals.


We are aware we're not the cheapest on the market but we guarantee that in terms of build quality, functionality, finishing and aesthetics, you really do get what you pay for. 

Please let us know if you'd like to come for a coffee and have a look at our units, just set aside a bit longer than expected as my Dad does love a chat.

Andrew Kerr

The Ovano Switch XL ticked every mental box I had when thinking about what I wanted from our kombi.

Andy (TransporterHQ)

Genuinely so impressed with it. It's such a good tool with our family and work life.

Matt Emery

Over the moon with my XL.

It’s built solidly and will last probably longer then the van!

Great service and such nice guys.

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